I kinda have a love-hate relationship with scrubbing. This is all because most scrubs give me breakouts or make my skin very red and painful. A scrub is often made with lots and lots of chemical and synthetical ingredients which can in fact harm your skin. The grains are often plastic made micro grains which come in the water and end up in the stomach of our fish, etc. The newest L’Oréal sugar scrubs are made with 100% natural ingredients, perfect to get rid of dead skin cells, and uses different active ingredients according to the needs of the skin. And guess what: they are perfect to use as a lip scrub too! Let’s get more into detail.

Exfoliating the skin 3 times a week (maximum) removes dead skin cells, clears pores and renews the natural renewal process making the skin smooth and clear. No more aggressive scrubs which irritate the skin. From now on we can use a much more ecological way to exfoliate the skin. The 3 new sugar scrubs by L’Oréal with 100% natural exfoliating sugars make your skin feel soft as a baby.  Sugar is a natural exfoliant. It is a super soft but sufficient abrasive element that disconnect the connection between dead skin cells and stimulates the beginning of new cells. When sugar comes into contact with water it melts, making it a natural moisturizer ideal for the delicate and sensitive skin.

The sugars in this scrub were chosen because of their fine grains and complimentary exfoliating effect.

  1. White sugar coming from beets has the finest crystals with the smallest diameter aiming to remove dead skin cells and impurities at the skin surface.
  2. Light brown sugar from cane sugar is rich in vitamins B5 and B6, keeping the skin soft.
  3. Brown sugar is rich in vitamin B and contains useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium, both cofactors of the skin essential for the cell metabolism and differentiation.

Now let’s start talking about those sugar scrubs!

L’Oréal developed 3 different sugar scrubs, each with a specific natural component creating a goal-orientated effect. There is a scrub for extra glow, one to clear the skin and to attack blackheads and one to nourish the skin through and through. None of the scrubs contain any silicons or parabens to enjoy a SOFT care.


3 fine sugars + grape seed oil with only one assignment: giving a glowing complexion. The skin will be detoxified without irritating it. In 7 days your complexion becomes smooth and glowing , leaving dullness behind.


3 fine sugars + kiwi seeds. One goal: deal with skin problems. Add some water and thanks to it’s warming texture it will remove blackheads, exfoliate skin problems and frees the skin from impurities. In 7 days, the skin is cleaner, your complexion clearer and fresher. Blackheads and pores are less visible and the skin is matte.


3 fine sugars + cocoa butter. One goal: fight redness. Thanks to this combination with cocoa butter, this scrub exfoliates, calms and hydrates the skin. Dry skin will be rescued from dead skin cells in a extremely soft way. In 7 days, the skin is supple, more pleasant and clear.

It’s super hard to say which one is my favorite because I truly love them all. Ever since I started flying my skin became super weird. It needs A LOT of nourishment but not too much because it causes breakouts. So whenever I feel like my skin needs it, I use the NOURISH scrub. When my skin is breaking out I use the CLEARING scrub. This one has the most amazing scent, is super soft for the skin and gives me a summer feeling. I must admit that I tend to use the GLOW scrub the most thanks to a little talk with my bestie Tessa from Anverelle. She told me grape seed oil was doing wonders for her skin so I definitely wanted to try that one. This one really does the trick for me. It gives me such a healthy glow making my makeup look so amazing. Even without makeup, my skin is radiant and fresh.

Each scrub costs 10.99€.



  1. March 3, 2018 / 20:55

    Ziet er goed uit! Ik ben al een tijdje benieuwd naar deze scrubs.

    • Fit Ginger Eef
      April 3, 2018 / 12:59

      Dank je wel!!! Zo leuk.

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