I don’t know what is it but Chloé always seems to win my heart. Clothing, handbags, perfumes, … I want it all. A few weeks ago, I received the newest Chloé perfume NOMADE. The name, the scent and the bottle made me think about nomad life, adventure and traveling.

Chloé is definitely no stranger in the world of perfumes. With both the CHLOE and CHLOE LOVE STORY perfumes, the brand now released their newest NOMADE perfume and it does not disappoint.

Nomade is different from the original Chloé scent meaning it’s more warm and sensual to me. Although it’s very hard to describe a scent through writing, I’m definitely going to give it a try. With it’s floral tones (Fresia), sweetness (of the Mirabelle plum) and oak moss it brings an overall earthiness to the scent.  Ever since I received Nomade, I can’t stop wearing it and  has quickly become my favorite perfume.

Nomade comes in a unique O shaped bottle, reminding us of one of their classic bag the ‘Drew’. The bottle is transparent to let the pink-beige light shine through, has a gold colored cap, a sleek collar and a gorgeous dusty rose ribbon to bring a confident yet feminine detail.

This post was sponsored by Chloé Fragrances, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Pictures are by Julie Gielen.


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