Ahhh finally, spring has arrived here in Belgium and I could’t be happier. I love to sit in the sun, let my freckles blossom and just enjoy. Because I have difficulties with tanning I never seem to get that bronze look naturally. I just get, well … , lot’s of freckles. To get a little bit of a tan or at least a little bronzed look, I started using the new bronzer powder 365 Sun Powder SPF 10 by Lancaster. Lancaster 365 Sun Powder SPF 10

No matter your skin tone, we all love ourself a lovely bronzed up face without looking orange. The newest Lancaster 365 Sun Powder SPF 10 offers 4-in-1 sunny shades for a perfect, sun-kissed glow and protection all year around. You’ll get an instant glow plus a golden tan thanks to the unique combo of pigments and the Lancaster Tan Activator Complex. This new bronzer also protects your skin from the sun targeting 100% of sun rays (uvb+ uva+ visible light + infrared). It gives a daily care from environmental damage with anti oxidant + anti pollution active ingredients. The softening and mattifying texture leaves a powdery, silky-touch, beautiful flawless finish. This is not a fake tan people, just a bronzer which happens to be my favorite at the moment.

Why I love it

I’m obsessed with this bronzer right now. While most bronzers leave me hanging with an orange looking face, this one just gives me a beautiful golden glow. I’ve gotten lots of compliments lately while using it so that’s a very good thing. I’m also super happy with the fact the product has a SPF 10 protection. It might not be much but they are one of the first brands that launched a full anti-solar spectrum. That’s just amazing, right? This SPF 10 also gives me just that extra protection when I’m flying. Very important! I do of course use extra SPF (mostly SPF 50) during the day but it can come in handy if you don’t have any SPF left.

You can use the 4 colors together or all separately. One for contour, or the lighter one for a light bronze, it’s all on you! And that’s what makes this product amazing for most skin tones.

The scent of the bronzer immediately reminded me of vacation. It’s just incredible. The perfume is the same as Lancaster’s other suncare products. The past 3 years I only use Lancaster because I have sun allergies & these help me out a lot! So whenever I’m using the bronzer, which seriously is everyday, I’m on a little holiday in my mind.

It’s also super pretty to look at? The pattern is so gorgeous. I’m in love.


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