Flowers are perfect to brighten up the day, I just love them. Especially the ones you can keep for a week or longer. Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner and we need to buy our favorite woman a present, I’m showing you the present I got for her. Let me introduce you to Grace Flower Box. Infinity boxes filled with flowers that stay beautiful up to 3 years. Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate our moms because they are the most amazing women alive. A little thank you because we made her life so hard (sometimes a living hell. Thanks puberty!) and she lived through it. For all the times we yelled at each other, they comforted us during all hard times in life. And that’s why she deserves a beautiful gift.

Grace Flower Box is a present your flower loving mother will love. They stay in perfect shape 1-3 years without needing water. It’s such a stylish and modern present that every woman will adore. The roses in these boxes are preserved manually and in a environmental friendly way. They are a 100% biodegradable and harmless for our health.

Grace Flower Box stands for high quality. It’s not the most cheap present but it’s one that lasts quite some time. You will get the scent, look and feel of fresh roses for 1-3 years. It’s so impressive! The entire box is made to your preferences. First you pick the sizing you want. I’ve got a small. Next up, you pick the color of box & roses. I picked a black box with pink nectar roses. A beautiful combo that’s an instant winner!!! (Click here for my box)

These roses do not need any nourishment or water. An easier and more beautiful present is impossible. Just be careful when picking them up. The petals are quite sensitive.

Prices go from 19€ to 349€ so there is a box for everyone. If you are unsure, there’s always a gift box!

I can honestly say my mom was so happy with the Grace Flower Box. She brags about them to everybody. Too damn cute. A big shoutout to my gorgeous mommy ❤️❤️


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