VACATION IN MEXICO: travel chat, pics & outfits

VACATION IN MEXICO: travel chat, pics & outfits

Hi there guys,

It’s been a while, I know but my health is going up and down. I’m trying to make up to you by slowly posting more articles again. Let’s start with this one! Last month I spend 11 days in Mexico with my BF for our holidays. I just wanted to write a few words and show some more pics in this post.

We booked this trip via TUI Belgium (NOT SPONS) about 1,5 month before departure date. For me that’s quite last minute because I still had to shop for outfits. We left on June 10th and came back the 20th of the same month. Although we had quite some rain thanks to a tropical depression, we still had an amazing time there. Just to let you know: we are already looking into going back next year!

During our stay in the Grand Bahia Principe Coba, we planned 3 activities but we could only do 2 because of the weather. Firstly we went to visit Tulum. It was on my must do list this vacation and despite the bad weather I’m very happy to have been to this town. It’s super chill, those beach bars are amazing and the beaches are extremely gorgeous. Let’s not forget about the Tulum Ruins because you must see those! Such an incredible moment to witness so much history in one place.

The same goes for Coba, which we visited 3 days later. We booked that trip in the beginning of our vacation when the weather was still perfect. Unfortunately the day of our trip we had the worst weather possible BUT it wasn’t holding us back. I bought myself a poncho at one of the local shops and off we went. Coba left me in awe. I mean, so much history in one place … to me that’s heaven. At the site of Coba you’ll find the Nohoch Mul which is the largest Mayan temple found. It’s way bigger than the one of Chitzen Itza. Guess who went up the 42 m high temple with a fear of heights? Yep, me! Didn’t regret a thing though. In the pouring rain I managed to get up there and see a 360 degree jungle view. Definitely worth it.

We afterwards visited a cenote called Tankach-Ha. A cave pool underground with the clearest water I’ve ever seen in my life. It even had little fishies. Although the water has a constant temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, to me (as the ice queen I am) it was too cold. I know, awful haha. The only thing I hated were the centipedes that were all over the place outside. I have a huge insect phobia so I start screaming quite fast as I see one. A few panic attacks later in the changing room I luckily got back into the bus. The cenote was the second item on our schedule so now we were on our way to the third. Of cours we had a typical Mexican lunch in the meantime which we absolutely adored. Nothing better than typical Mexican taco’s. The third stopping point was Puenta Laguna, a nature reserve where we spotted some spider monkeys. Cutest creatures ever. I saw a few but I was unable to take pictures or even a little insta movie. So you’ll have to believe me on my word.

Of course there was some beach and swimming pool time as well. Unfortunately, we enjoyed this for about 4 days while the rain had us for 6 days. Leaving that behind us, because we did have an awesome time in Mexico! Click on the text below the pics to shop my looks.

Calzedonia velvet swimsuit        Dune London slippers (Hermès dupe)        Quay retro glasses

Spell and The Gypsy skirt

Asos cutout swimsuit

Nakd fashion one piece                                                              Oysho bikini 

Momoco Bikini                               Momoco Bikini                               Asos cut out swimsuit

Sabo skirt gingham dress                                                     Sabo skirt stray top & skirt

My BF (follow him on instagram via @13mica) made a B&W photo collection of this trip which I will insert as wel. He’s so talented.

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