Clarins suncare

Clarins suncare

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article on here. Combining my full time flight attendant job with this was harder than I thought but I’m really excited to be back with a new post on Fitgingereef!

Spring is here, which means summer is around the corner. As you guys know, I’m very sensitive to sun & burn very easily. Finding a good suncare range isn’t always the easiest but I’m here to help, right? I recently received the new suncare range from Clarins & I’m excited to tell you all about it.

I had the pleasure to receive the new sun range from Clarins about two weeks ago. Since the weather isn’t really showing spring vibes here in Belgium, I had to wait before I could use the products. Now today, I finally could try them out because guess what: the sun is shining here in BE & it’s about 18 degrees celcius. I’m such a happy one right now.

Clarins came out with 10 new 30 & 50 SPF products and 2 after sun lotions, which is quite a lot. I received 4 products in total, which I could pick out myself, making sure I can really enjoy the products the fullest. All the products are environmental friendly not harming the coral & oceans. They are both waterproof & sweat proof so no excuse to not using sunscreen. Finally they are the perfect synergy between science & nature. On one side we have the SunFilterComplex that absorbs harmful UV- beams, protects against UV-A and UV-B & prevents photo aging. On the other side there’s the SunPlantComplex that consists out of 100% plant extracts, cell protection & enhances the effect of the filters.

In the picture above you can find my Clarins sun products. I went for SPF 50 mostly since I’m a redhead & burn very quickly. The product I was most excited about and have tested today is the Mineral Sun Care Compact. It’s a SPF 30 face cream with a universal nude beige color, meaning it will protect your face while having your redness or maybe spots covered. The sponge inside is a silicon one which applies the product very nicely. I would recommend not to use to much as it’s a waste of product afterwards. My skin is not oily at all which only makes me more happy with this specific product.

The Dry Touch Sun Care Cream is a regular SPF for the face. I took the SPF 50 but you also have it in 30, which I personally do not recommend since your face needs to be protected at all cost. I always recommend using SPF 50. The product itself feels nice on the skin & not greasy at all. Absolutely perfect.

Next up we have the Sun Care Lotion Spray which is a spray in SPF 50. It’s a ‘milky’ lotion but definitely not a runny lotion, if you know what I mean. It has a great consistency and the scent is not to present, which I like very much personally. It leaves no greasy feeling on the skin, feels really dry.

Finishing off my tanning day with the Soothing After Sun Balm. I opted for a balm because I find it better for my skin. As well a very nice scent, nothing too heavy. Feels very comforting on the skin & can be used on your entire body, including your face.

You can find the entire range in this picture.

Applying sunscreen is so so important and I cannot say this enough.

I hope you liked this blogpost. Thanks for reading & till next time!

This blogpost consists out of gifted products by Clarins. My opinion is as honest as always. If you have questions, please contact me via mail.

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