Summer is finally here, or at least it was for 3 days. During these days my boyfriend and me went to a nearby forest to take some pictures of my outfit.

I chose for a high waisted jeans and striped crop top. I topped it off with my black hat, vintage choker and bag and of course -too make it more festival like- my all stars.

Can you tell I love this hat? Hats are my go to accessory when it’s very sunny outside. Not only because my scar is very sun-sensitive but also because I just love hats. 
The bag was from my grandmother who died last year. I don’t know if it’s a special brand or something but I love the bag. It always feels like I can take her with me everywhere I go now. It’s a black suede shoulderbag.

Last year I discovered my moms vintage peace sign choker. Thank mommy!

Wearing my Cluse watch, a bracelet I got from my friend Margriet from Bali and another jewelry piece I got as a present. 

I hope you like the look. I sure do. It has that small 70’s vibe that I love.

Here are some extra pictures for you guys. I am a bad decision maker so haha ok …


Hat: H&M | Handbag: Vintage | Shoes: Converse | Crop top: Bershka | Jeans: H&M | Watch: Cluse | Choker: Vintage | Bracelets: unknown.

Pictures by Michaël Janssens (@13mica)



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