I don’t really think that anyone can hate sunshine, unless the ones who immediately get red itching skin. I’m not talking about a sunburn but sun allergies. Ever since my holiday to Kos 7 years… View Post

Flowers are perfect to brighten up the day, I just love them. Especially the ones you can keep for a week or longer. Now that Mother’s Day is around the corner and we need to… View Post

Hi guys. I’m so excited that I can finally share this news with you. I’ve been selected to be in the newest L’Oréal accord parfait (internationally known as true match) campagne on national tv!!! This… View Post

Wow, it has been so so long. Way too long. I’m sorry for that. I never ment to leave my blog on the side but unfortunately, I had no other option. My road to becoming… View Post

I don’t know if I told you before but I almost hate every single car on the market. You can ask Michaël. If he asks me if I like that particular car, most of the… View Post