Hi there guys, It’s been a while, I know but my health is going up and down. I’m trying to make up to you by slowly posting more articles again. Let’s start with this one!… View Post

Hi there beautiful! Today I’m back with a new blog post where I’ll be sharing some tips when travelling with only hand luggage. Why? Because I’ve seen an immense growth of passengers travelling with hand… View Post

This trip to Nice, France was actually quite spontaneous. It’s one hell of a beautiful destination that got the entire package: sun, sea, fun, good food & lovely inhabitants. Together with my boyfriend (@13mica) we… View Post

I’ve always been quite skeptical about holidays in our own little Belgium. Don’t ask me why, because I’ve got no clue. But since I had a few days off before my flight attendant course, why… View Post

Hi babes! Here I am with part two of my Antwerp press days review. As you could see in part one, it was already kinda busy. Well, you haven’t seen day two yet. We, Tessa… View Post