Who doesn’t love a good pasta? It’s even better when you make it yourself, right? Just so we know all is healthy and good. Or at least, that’s my point of view on cooking. I… View Post

Hi guys! I’m back on track with my workouts and healthy food. This means new recipes for you all, HURRAYYYYY, and more food for me! Like I always say, healthy food does not mean it’s… View Post

Hi babes! I recently tried the Special K dark chocolate muesli from Kellogs. Tasty but so extremely sweet! As I try to eat little sugar, I made a healthier version. You won’t be disappointed –… View Post

Hi guys! We all have those days we want to eat healthy but are too lazy to make decent food. Well, Albert Hein -a Dutch grocery chain- has found something to fix that problem: Soup… View Post

Hi guys Here I am again with a new recipe. One that takes about 15-20 minutes to make. If that ain’t handy for a quick lunch/dinner.