Hi there beautiful! Today I’m back with a new blog post where I’ll be sharing some tips when travelling with only hand luggage. Why? Because I’ve seen an immense growth of passengers travelling with hand… View Post

Finally, I managed to plan some blogging time! I’m so sorry it takes me this long to write blog posts again but with flying it’s super busy. Anyway let’s get to it. Today I’m taking… View Post

This week I’m combining 2 weeks together. I went on a little getaway to Nice so I didn’t fly that much during week 3. Anyway, lot’s of adventures to be told! 

Here I am, back with week 2 of my crew life adventures. I was overwhelmed with your reactions on my first post. Thank you for that! It’s lovely to see this new part is welcomed… View Post

A new title and a new part on my blog? Yep! From now on I’m planning to share my whole new life as a flight attendant by means of photo’s and my experiences. Just see… View Post