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Let’s talk about being healthy and working out. I don’t know why but every time when I say I am working out after work everybody says I’m crazy and it’s better to do a nap. Well … In this post I’m telling you more about why I workout & when I work out.

Even though I am extremely tired after work I still made myself workout. Waking up every day at 4 AM in combination with a constant tired feeling due to my surgery made me weak and I had self pity. I always found a reason why I shouldn’t rather than why I should be active. Until I finally realized my life had been and still was ‘in danger’. Working out is something I MUST do in other to remain my healthy self. Working out isn’t exactly made easy after a very early wake up call (2:30 am, 4 am) but the feeling afterwards is super rewarding. The movements I can still make after surgery are a gods blessing so I want to make sure I will not screw things up. The best advice I can give? Don’t wait until the evening! Start immediately when you get home. It’s like Shia LaBoeuf & Nike said: JUST DO IT. I also prefer at home workouts or outdoor for cardio as I can start them immediately. Gym workouts work the best for me during the coldest months. That’s how I stay motivated.

I can remember the day like it was yesterday: my first workout after my surgery. I even think I almost cried back then because I was in so much pain. Weirdly yet very satisfying, that feeling. In order to get better I had to workout, simple as that. When I was at home I didn’t have any issues with incorporating my workout schedule into my life because of course: I WAS AT HOME (duhhhhh). Later on in the process, things started getting more difficult as I went back to work. But I still never gave up. At this point I’m looking for that Eveline, because I’m a bit lost right now. But that’s ok. Working out still gives me joy, energy and strenght so need to worry. I’ll find my rythemn again soon enough.

So why do people always react in a negative way when I say I workout after work? Mostly they think sport is part of a diet and since I’m skinny they think I have some sort of anorexia. Well I hate to break it to you but … Being healthy and active does not mean your on a diet or you have anorexia. Don’t let people make you nuts about it, make up your own mind.

Here is a little scheme of the day to show you when I work out:

  1. Wake up at 2:30 AM, have breakfast (oatmeal) and leave at 3:15 AM
  2. 1 time 15 min break around 6-6:30 AM
  3. Going back home at 10:30 AM (1 h drive)
  4. Workout around 11:45-12
  5. REST & work on the blog

I know it’s not a big scheme but after these shifts, you body needs some rest too.

So what to remember?

  • Workout to stay healthy
  • Do you own thing
  • Workout immediately when you get home
  • Let people talk & keep your head high
  • Rest in time

Do you workout when working shifts? 



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