Hi gorgeous readers! Today I would like to tell you a bit more on my experience with the Maybelline Brow Tattoo. Lots of you asked for a review so here I am. I made some before and after pictures to show the result.

Maybelline send me two brow tattoo’s in the color Medium & dark brown. I must admit that I had my doubts. I wasn’t exactly sure if it would peel off ok, what the color would look like, … a lot of doubts. I was so curious to see what it would look like so I was excited but also a tiny bit scared to try it out.

I got started with completely clean brows, just to be sure I wouldn’t f*ck things up (because I’m quite good at that).  As I’m a ginger it was kinda hard to make the decision on going for it with the medium brown. I definitely thought it would be way too harsh but I decided to go for it.

The first thing I noticed while applying the brow tattoo was that the substance was quite sticky. I was scared to add too much product because I thought: the more I add, the darker my brows will be. Although this theory might be true, it was super hard to peel the substance off in this low quantity. I recently retried it with more product and it was super easy to peel off. So don’t be afraid to keep adding product until your entire brow is covered. Also: if you spilled some product somewhere, be quick to remove it and you won’t see a thing.

My brows looked great for three days although I had to use my pencil on some places. I guess this is because I just didn’t use enough of the product. After retrying the brow tattoo I noticed that I didn’t need that extra pencil to keep the color. I got a lot of compliments after using the Maybelline brow tattoo so I will definitely be using it more. It’s perfect for those weeks you know you don’t have lots of time in the morning (morning shifts).

A few tips: 

If you think the color is too dark: lighten it by using some some toner on a cotton pad.

Do not use any face wash over the brows because they will loose some color.

Before & after pictures

Natural brows

During the brow tattoo process. Sorry for the mad face guys!

After using the medium brown brow tattoo

I hope you liked this review! Thanks for reading.

I received these products from L’Oréal (Maybelline). This did not influence my review in any way. As always I stay honest and true to myself.

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